A new day in cannabis cultivation.

Through community-focused commercial cultivation in the Caribbean, Massive Therapeutics produces medical-grade marijuana for global cannabis companies, innovating eco-friendly, customizable and low-cost supply solutions from Jamaica.

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Lofty licensing, cultivation and compliance costs pose significant challenges to our customers around the world. Poised to leverage upcoming international trade agreements in Jamaica, our mission is to build upon the expertise of our Jamaican partners to grow cannabis profitably, using hybrid greenhouses that reduce our costs to serve global pharmaceutical and cannabis companies in need of low-cost supply.

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Growth through Partnership

We give cannabis companies and retail partners the opportunity to co-own the facilities dedicated to cultivating their crop, eliminating any disconnect between production, processing and trade to boost shared profits and stabilize supply.

Low Cost Medical-Grade Cultivation

50 modern hybrid greenhouses in Jamaica lend unprecedented control over our growing environment. We can differentiate varied genetic strain choices within a single facility, individualize production for customers, and provide scientific oversight for medical products.

Commitment to Community

Strong partnerships with agricultural leaders in Jamaica guide our focus on cooperation and mutual gain. We honor the historic importance of cannabis to Jamaica while building upon the island’s export agreements to lead cannabis cultivation.

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