Friday, February 01, 2019

Massive Therapeutics on the Cusp of Taking Center Stage

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The U.S. cannabis industry has experienced seismic shifts in recent years. First, legislation was passed to prescribe cannabis for medical use. Next, increasing numbers of U.S. states legalized it for recreational purposes—Colorado and Washington in 2012, Oregon in 2015, Nevada in 2017, and Maine and California in 2018, the same year in which Canada also ushered in recreational cannabis laws.

In terms of medical use, cannabis is now regulated and approved for use in 32 states, with many more soon expected to follow.

Looking forward, the marijuana market is expected to see a surge of unprecedented growth over the coming decade, akin to the Gold Rush of the Old Wild West on a global scale.

In 2017 alone, Canadians have spent an estimated $5.7 billion on cannabis for medical and non-medical reasons. That’s a staggering $1200 per consumer. This country demonstrates the potential that lies ahead for the marijuana market around the world. Historically, few times compare to this, perhaps with the sole exception of U.S. brewers at the turn of 1933, the year of prohibition abolition. The most ambitious of brewers in the following years made a fortune.

Soon, we’ll see blue-chip cannabis companies quickly formed and even more quickly grown. These companies will make early leaps and bounds to commercialize what may become one of the most in-demand of commodities. And as with all unprecedented business growth, there always comes a flurry of early investor opportunity.

The Vast Uses and Endless Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis is used throughout the world recreationally, and that in the medical world it can relieve pain. Yet these examples are just two of many uses, and the benefits of cannabis are likely far more wide-ranging than you could ever have imagined. For example, did you know that it can make law enforcement cheaper and easier? That it’s given rise to new industries, and lowered crime rates? There are even some forms of cannabis given as a pet supplement, while for humans, it’s known to lower blood pressure, regulate insulin production and many more things besides.

The lucrativeness of marijuana hasn’t gone unnoticed by global corporations. Not one’s to be left behind, some of the biggest beverage and confectionary brands in the world are already progressing their own projects for products to tap into the taste for cannabis.

“Coca-Cola exploring potential for cannabis-infused drinks; Report of talks between beverage maker and Canadian marijuana producer sends stock higher” – CBC News, September 2018

“Molson Coors Brewing’s Canadian arm has said it will make cannabis-infused drinks.” – CBC News, September 2018

Massive Therapeutics – A Business Plan Set to Leap into Action

The global legal marijuana market is expected to reach USD 146.4 billion by the end of 2025—a figure driven by the 12 countries that have already legalized cannabis, and the new laws in progress poised to legalize it in a further 12.

A key name to watch in the upcoming story of cannabis is Massive Therapeutics—a Caribbean-based manufacturer of naturally-grown cannabis. With more than five decades of agricultural experience, and a team with cultivation, science and business management expertise, Massive Therapeutics plans to have 50 Hybrid greenhouses in production within 12-18 months.

The uncertainty of U.S. federal legislation approval has led Massive Therapeutics to focus on other jurisdictions, particularly the Caribbean. These markets have many cost and environmental advantages, while commanding the same value for the product in Canada, throughout Europe and ultimately the UK.

A Push for Growth – A Dream Investment Opportunity?

Cannabis investments quadrupled in 2018, but we won’t need to wait to see what can become of early, innovative companies in this field. Case and point made by Brendan Kennedy, who’s now a billionaire. His cannabis company, Tilray, only went public in July 2018, launching at $29.77USD per share, peaking in October at $148USD, and now standing at $96USD.

Yet even with a few big players already established, including Tilray, demand is still far outstripping supply; and the time is right for a company with the logistics in place to grow exponentially along with the flourishing cannabis market. Massive Therapeutics stand on the precipice of securing investment that will enable them to deploy operations across the Caribbean.

Massive Therapeutics and Natural Cannabis Growth—A Green Ethos

As the world awakens to the medical and therapeutic power of cannabis, so too have we all become ever more aware of our footprint on the planet. While some cannabis companies may cut corners to bolster production times (no matter the cost in energy or cannabis quality) Massive Therapeutics remains firmly dedicated to growing the tried, tested and true way—through natural lighting and heat—by using hybrid greenhouses.

There’s no shortage of light and heat in the Caribbean, while the high-tech watering and monitoring systems ensure the health of the plants that benefit from year-round sunlight, as well as a native team who have 30 years of experienced working in hybrid greenhouses. Supporting them is a local workforce widely considered to be some of the most talented farmers in the world. The benefits of the Caribbean as a base for cannabis farming don’t stop there either, as these countries have clear cost advantages over and above Canada, the US and Europe.

The future of the marijuana market is set to vastly outpace and outperform any other industry in the world. Those that invest early could well find themselves in a comfortable position if all of the expert predictions come into fruition.