Connecting you to strategic cultivation.

Massive Therapeutics grows medical-grade cannabis from the low-cost tropical jurisdiction of Jamaica, stabilizing cost-effective supply for a global network of cannabis partners. Our cultivation extends to countless cannabis companies around the world—including retailers and distributors seeking integration, producers who’ve stalled cultivation, and pharmaceutical organizations performing cutting-edge medical research.

We aim to revolutionize how the cannabis industry sources their marijuana, lowering cultivation costs by nearly 80% and building a cooperative network of customers, community partners and syndicated clients.

Licensed Cultivation

Pending the passage of export legislation in Jamaica, Massive Therapeutics will possess a Tier 3 license to cultivate cannabis for medical, scientific and therapeutic purposes, encompassing 50 greenhouses for corporate and syndicated production.

From Jamaica, Massive Therapeutics cuts cultivation costs by nearly 80% while ensuring quality control for destination countries, integrating with cannabis companies around the world, and contributing to Jamaica’s burgeoning place as a global leader in cannabis exports.

Supply Chain Solutions

Massive Therapeutics stabilizes the supply chain for end-use companies, manufacturers and distributors by fulfilling competitive supply agreements and drastically lowering cultivation costs from Jamaica.

For cannabis business looking to expand their stake in the market, we offer joint-venture partnerships in our greenhouses, allowing cannabis companies to integrate their supply chain with a knowledgeable, scientific and experienced grower.

Pharmaceutical Development

Massive Therapeutics’ modern hybrid greenhouses fully integrate a central computer system into all the equipment and growing systems within their structures, offering control and oversight over all agronomic systems.

Through data collection and automation, we’re able to differentiate and individualize varied genetic strain choices within a single greenhouse and consistently provide pharmaceutical quality medicine at a low cost.


By offering our customers a 50% co-ownership of greenhouses, we integrate the supply chain for our clients, secure our supply agreements, and share profits through joint-venture investment.


Massive Therapeutics is positioned to quickly become one of the largest exporters of cannabis in Jamaica, applying state-of-the-art techniques to grow medical-grade, customizable cannabis for global partners.


The passage of Jamaican cannabis export legislation positions the island to become one of only 10 nations with a rigorous export regime. Able to cut cultivation costs by 80%, Massive Therapeutics is ready to begin growing to meet the global demand.